About Dirty Cupcake

Dirty Cupcake is a fetish-themed dance party in Toronto, Canada.

We originally started Dirty Cupcake in response to people who asked for a kink-friendly dance event that was focused on industrial music. In most cities, fetish parties are associated with House music. For whatever reason, Toronto has a dedicated group of goth/industrial people who also love fetish. It’s a niche that we’re happy to fill.

Most of all, it’s a party for our friends who want to dance to Industrial/Electro/Dark Retro music in an environment that allows them to be comfortable expressing themselves and dressing in the clothes that they love.

What’s the music like?

You’ll hear everything from 80s Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy and Suicide Commando to Rob Zombie and Prodigy, with maybe an occasional retro Madonna track. We’re music lovers, not music snobs. Our DJs are there to entertain you and make sure you are dancing all night.

Is this a play party?

No, it’s simply a dance party where you can wear your fetish clothes. There are lots of great fetish nights where you can play (Northbound and FAETE to name a couple!) but we wanted to create a pure “dance” event where you can wear your skimpiest outfit, have a drink and flirt with like-minded people. We strive to make it a fun and inclusive event, no matter what your gender, shape or sexual orientation. Come check us out, and see why everyone loves Dirty Cupcake!

Is there nudity?

It’s a public space so no genital nudity is allowed.

Is there sex there?

No. This is a public space.

I’m a woman/man/gay/*trans person out by myself, will I be bothered?

We have zero tolerance for unsolicited touching or any unwanted attention. Harassers/haters/creepers will be ejected. If you’re made to feel uncomfortable, speak to any staff member. They’ll handle it without naming names.

What about photos?

We have a staff photographer who will be pleased to take your photo. He is the only one authorized to take photos at a Dirty Cupcake party. As for those of you who definitely don’t want to be photographed, you will be given a wristband upon entry. Our photographer has been told to watch for wristbands, and to honour your “no photo” status. Also we review all photos before we post them. In the unlikely event you got caught in the background, we will photoshop you out.

**Note: We do some events in collaboration with Darkrave. These events are more cosplay than fetish, so we do allow photos at those. However, if you still don’t want your photo taken by our photographers, simply speak to them. They are always happy to accommodate. In the unlikely event you do show up in a photo, or just feel like a pic is not flattering, contact us through our facebook group and we will have it taken down.

Why is there a dress code?

We established this party so people could wear whatever they wanted and feel comfortable baring as little (or as much) as they like. In order to maintain the comfort level for our guests, we ask everyone to get into the spirit of the party.

HINT: You won’t get in if you’re in white sneakers, baseball cap, jeans OR if our door guy feels you didn’t make an effort.

**Note: In the case of Cosplay events that we do in collaboration with Darkrave, there is no dress code. Costumes and Cosplay are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Why no stage shows?

Our DJs and our attendees tell us they hate stage shows. Once we get an awesome vibe going on the dance floor why would we interrupt it for a performance? As for fashion shows,Vintage BOP’s MaryLenore says it best: “Dirty Cupcake attendees ARE the fashion show.” We couldn’t agree more! =)

What’s with the funny name?

We were drunk when we came up with it. It made us laugh so hard we snorted Jaeger out of our noses. And sometimes we really do serve cupcakes. 


Toronto party with a focus on Industrial / Goth / Electronic music genres & awesome themes.